Wednesday, June 9, 2010

We beleive in you!

We’re all waiting for this to come; it’s been almost a month now since we decided to choose a leader who will direct us to a better change, a leader who can give us hope for the future, a leader who can stand on his own philosophy, a leader that is God-fearing, and a leader that can change our insight with the current administration.

Today is the right time to proclaim the person we elect to choose; we’re all hoping that he might be the leader that we looking for. The expectation is too high because of the reputation of his family; his father was already considered heroes by many Filipino’s and of course his mother was former President of the country and also once known as the Mother of Philippine democracy.

We wish that you might be able to meet all the expectations of our countrymen, we will provide all your needed support but please, be a GOOD LEADER. We don’t need promises, because they are made to be broken, we want you to provide honest leadership and clean government that guide us into right direction. We believe in you

Congratulation, President Noy Aquino! One day, because of your busy schedules, you might even forget the people who helps you during the campaign, so you'll be needing an email list management


Ayie said...

Sana nga eto na, he could be the start of better Philippines. Mabuhay!

Karen said...

i hope he's the one. I hope his administration will be great and blessed by god :)

OmniSevenStar said...

@Ayie: Sana... sana malagpasan nya ang mga intriga.. hehe

@karen: tnx sa comment, we're all hoping... to God be the glory :-)

sikoletlover said...

isang malaking GOODLUCK sa Pilipinas.

OmniSevenStar said...

Yah.. Tama ka sikolet :-)