Saturday, June 19, 2010

A Short Greetings!

He never asked me on what those things i needed when i’m still studying.

He’s not the one who gave me allowances everytime i have date.

He’s a heavy drinker.

We never played basketball even once.

He’s the type of guy whose more on saying rather than doing.

He’s not hardworker.

He love’s to play card, majhong & even cockfighting.

He doesn't know how to open blinds in our house.

But you know what guys, for me he’s still the best father in town.

We love’s watching movie together.

We’re more on food tripping rather than drinking alcohol.

He’s the perfect husband to my “INA”.

He’s the perfect "LOLO" to all my niece and nephew’s.

And now, it’s my time to share my gratitude to him. Happy Father’s Day “AMA”.

We’re so proud of you!!!

And to all Daddy's out there.. Happy Father's Day to all of you.

"INA" - Filipino word for Mother

"LOLO" - Filipino word for Grandfather

“AMA” - Filipino word for Father


Mharliz said...

happy fathers day sa lahat ng AMA.. tatay.. papa.. dad.. dhie.. popsie and etc..
I grew up not knowing my DAD kaya naman I'm fond to those people who treasure their dad..

BTW's my ym..

sikoletlover said...

your father is still your father no matter what :)

happy father's day to your AMA :)

devil_under_light said...

your papa. love your papa. youll never have another papa in your life. unless... hehehe.

jAkE said...

@Mharliz: sad to hear that. but you still have ur mom right, alam ko naman n ginagampanan nya yung pagiging mother and father sayo.

@Sikoletlover: may tama ka :-), happy fathers day din kay papu mo :-)

@D.u.l: haha.. tama ka, sya lang ang papa ko at hindi n magkakaron pa ng iba.. lol :-0

Ayie said...

Happy Father's Day kay Tatay mo!

Anonymous said...

Happy Fathers' Day sa iyong AMA!

Mabuhay ang mga tatay na pogi! :p

jAkE said...

@Ayie: tnx tnx.. same to ur husband and father :-)

@kuri: MABUHAY....