Monday, June 7, 2010

I want POLIE back!

It's been 7 weeks already since Polie was temporarily leave us, and up to this writing, I don't have any idea on what's the real status of Polie in the hands of other group. An un-expected incident forces me to let Polie handle by different person for its own good. I accidentally broke the frame of its head; even it’s not my intention, but still, it’s my fault.

BTW, before you get confuse and charge me for anything, let me tell you that polie is not a person. Its only the name of my beloved watch, my girl put a name polie on it because of its brand name POLICE (me & my girl loved to place a name on any of our items & gadgets). Polie is a gift from my girl on our 7th year Anniversary of being in-love with each other dated last December. I really enjoyed having Polie in my arm; its rare design is really simple but very appealing to anyone. And of course a gift from my girl is always as special as her, that’s why I really really miss it.

For the mean time, I am using Timmy (from brand name TIMEX), as my arm buddy until polie back. Timmy is also a gift from my girl back 2008.

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