Thursday, June 24, 2010

Tiny Winy Microbial Worm

Last Monday, I immediately went home after my job. I was starving for food that time to the extent that once I got home I went to our kitchen right away. Luckily, I found “Adobong Bibi” on the pan; I immediately put it on a plate together with a big bunch of rice and consume it as faster as anybody can, at first, I didn’t notice the texture of the dish because of ravenous and dizziness I felt, but later on, while I was eating, I see some tiny winy microbial worm creeping on my hand, I was so shocked and suddenly notice that my plate is full of minuscule worm as well as my lips. I don’t know what to do, I was stunned and upset, and I went directly to the CR and release/blow the entire possible worm I consumed. I know it doesn’t change the fact that I already ate worm that’s why I also drink plenty of water right away.
I thought that it might be okay, but unfortunately, I’m wrong.

Tuesday morning at exactly 2:15 AM, I was awaken by an extra ordinary bowling pin strike-like sound that came from my stomach, I was rush to the CR and discharge right away, I notice that what I release is nothing but water and some crazy like sound that helps to promote air pollution. And my dilemma starts here, an experience that surely remembered. Imagine, all day long, I went to the CR 17 times with the same outcome, release water and polluted air. I am hoping that there is any Online Life Insurance i know before.

ADOBONG BIBI- a filipino cuisine; common and very popular cooking process of duck in the Philippines.


Mharliz said...

I hope hindi ka na-dehydrate.. yan ba yung sinasabi mong ma-ddehyrate ka na yata?? naku.. i hope you have consumed lots of water or possibly consumed oresol to compensate with the lost fluids in your body.. :)) hope you're okay now.. hehe ..and maybe next time you can tell me why you're afraid of injections.. :))

**have a nice night**

devil_under_light said...

"BLOW the entire possible worm I consumed" ikaw ha. you blow worms pala ha. ((=

Anonymous said...

takaw kasi eh! sana ayos ka pre.

jAkE said...

@Mharliz:muntik na nga.. nakuha lang ng gatorade and oral.. haayy.. ang hirap pala nun..
Sige, sabihin ko na sayo kung bat ako takot sa injection, pm mo ko..
ym: primer_1229

@d.u.l: adik ka.. hehe :-)

@Kuri: kaw ba yan mareng wifey? hehehe :-)

sikoletlover said...

" plate is full of minuscule worm as well as my lips..." i cringed while reading this part. makes me wanna vomit :( afraid.

hope you're ok na. patay ba yung ilaw nung kumain ka? :P

Sendo said...


naaawa naman ako sa pwet mo hehe. grabe ha. kelangan double scrutiny na gawin mo sa mga kakainin mo..trauma na yan! haha..mag ingat! at super mag hydrate ka kasi sobra sobra ang nabawas mo! grabeng seventeen times yan!

jAkE said...

@Sikolet; bukas naman ang ilaw eh.. sobrang gutom lang siguro talaga.. haayy, ok n ko ngayun.. 2 days lang naman akong di nakapasok.. hehe :-)

@Sendo: ako nga naawa sa doro namin eh, 17 times ko sya inupuan.. hehe.. buti n lang at najan si pareng gato, para tulungan akong di madehydrate.. ;-)

khantotantra said...

inuud na ung bibi? aw. na trauma tiyan mo sa mga worms

jAkE said...

@khantotantra: oo tol.. traumang trauma :-)