Friday, June 4, 2010


My headache is killing me little by little. I’m not sure if the pain is still considered as an ordinary one, but right now, I’m having a hard time to think those exact words and grammar to explain what I’m going through this past two days. My entire head (and it seems that even my neck) is aching like nobody’s business, I felt those every little pain in my vein, the brain vessels itself can’t really explain the root cause of the problem. Maybe stress or the constant poorness of my eyesight is the possible reason of this.

I already tried med but nothing happened, liniment oil and other solutions for variety of ailment doesn’t work too. I don’t want to give up easily and seat until the pain gone gradually. I yearn for any immediate solution possible. I really want to stay in cyprus villas to relax.

Hope that this is not serious or what they called primary headache that includes migraine and cluster headache. Cause it may affect the quality of my life. Wish that this is just an occasional headache that resolves quickly.


sikoletlover said...

better consult a doctor to get rid of your worries :)

OmniSevenStar said...

Yep.. Thanks SikoletLover :-)

Ayie said...

You need some R&R. Relax =)

OmniSevenStar said...

Thanks Ayie! :-)