Monday, June 14, 2010

RUN w/ Special Someone

Yesterday, I had my first sprint with my girl in Bulacan Sports Complex. That was our first time to run together, we planned it several times already before but all of them were remained plans. I am very happy and amazed with her performance because it seems that it wasn’t her first time to do a serious run, believe me, she completed 8 rounds of jogging-walking in a standard size oval knowing that her stamina is not that tough. Though, I completed 11 rounds of running/jogging/walking, her performance is still great.

At some stage of our conversation yesterday during our jogging, I asked her:

Me: what motivates you to run/jog knowing that you’re already slim and properly fit?

My girl: I’m doing this just for you to burn fats, and reduced those bad cholesterols in your big body

(she replied those words to me together with her beautiful smile and rosy chicks)

Me: really? Weeehh, are you sure, you’re not doing this just for you to run fast and be a runaway bride during our wedding?

My Girl: Hmmm.. That’s another story. Lolz

Until now, she still know how to handle me :->

Additional Info:

Running is one of my fashions and I’ve been into it for almost 2 years now. I’m just a so-so type of runner, meaning i only do running whenever I want; I’m not that competitive type.

I’m a proud member of D’Finisher Running & Mountaineering Team, we’re composed of professional employee in different field of industry (majority are from Sun Cellular Company). Before, our group is committed in joining different Fun run activities especially if it’s for a cause. But now, due to some confidential reasons, we’re not that active anymore though sometimes, we’re still attending if we have time. By the way, we’re open to accept members for those who are interested to be part of our group. J


Mharliz said...

Ang sweet naman.
na-jelly de belen ako bigla..

Ayie said...

Hanep sa level, iba! hahahaha Dinaig ang texting at jejemon love letter. hahaha

Ito na ba ang uso ngayon, jogging joggingan?

San ka sa Bulacan?

Karen said...

wow kuya ang sweet niyo naman po :) ganun pala kayo mag bond hehe.. :) sana forever na kayoooo :)

sikoletlover said...

wow 8 rounds 0_0 wish i can do the same.

di ka mashadong busy no? andalas mo mag-post e :P

supermommyjem said...

How sweet :) running/ jogging is really good for the health. Keep it up!

OmniSevenStar said...

@Mharliz: need to jelly ok, next time tayo naman jogging.. haha.. :-)

@Ayie:haha..usong uso to no, may HHWJ p nga eh.. haha.. i'm from calumpit po.. y y y?

@Karen:kung alam mo lang kung pano talaga kami mag-bond.. hehe, dapat palaging may nasasaktan.. haha..forever forever forever... sana??? :-)

@Sikolet: yakang yaka mo yan tol, kaw pa... mas busy nga ako ngayun eh, kaya lang parang naaaddict ata ako dito sa blog na to.. hehe
@All: tnx sa walang sawang pagkomento ha :-)

OmniSevenStar said...

@mommyJen: hope so.. sana magtuloy tuloy na.. tnx po :-)

Clara..^^ said...

you have a good eye for your girlfriend.. thanks for visit adn dropping too

OmniSevenStar said...

@Clara: bec. my eye is really good too.. lolz..

Tnx 4 d comment:-)

devil_under_light said...

Cute naman at nakakainggit ang trip nio ng girlfriend mo. Trip namin ng girfriend ko, gumastos eh (isiningit nanaman ang sarili nya). hay..

OmniSevenStar said...

@DevUndrLyt: hehe.. ok lang yan boss, ganyan din kami b4, pero need na mag-ipon kaya kailangan n namin ng ibang mapapaglibangan :-)
Salamat sa pagbisita :-)

Anonymous said...

takbo tau minsan! sama ko wifey at red. :)

OmniSevenStar said...

@Kuri: Sige pare.. set na yan :-)