Friday, March 4, 2011


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of blueskyscrubs. All opinions are 100% mine.

Hey, it's been a long period of time since my last update here. Sorry guys, co'z I've been too busy these past few days/weeks. Too many stuffs to do and kinda haggard with different activities here in my workplace.

By the way, me and my wife went to the Queen City of South to temporarily escape from the reality here in the busiest City of the Philippines. We stay there for 3 days & 2 nights and reside at Sampaguita Suites in downtown near Magellan's Cross and Miraculous Church of Nuestra del Sto. nino.

On our first day, my wife ask me if we can go first to the nearest Mall in town to buy a scrubs, because her scrubs set in their office was already faded. We went to SM Cebu and immediately looked for medical boutique and some Nursing store to buy her things. At first, we can't find any medical store in the mall so that we decided to ask some staff in the mall on where we can buy medical scrubs? though we are having a hard time asking somebody because of dialect discrepancy, it never let us to stop on what were doing.

After almost two hours of looking and finding, finally we found a nursing store. My wife bought medical scrubs right away and also ask me if she can also buy white lab coat because her uniform in their laboratories already torn. A classic move form my wife. LOL

After all are set and done, it's already 7:00 in the evening. Because of that, we decided to eat our dinner in our Hotel and decided to continue our journey on the next day.


khantotantra said...

dapat md nagbahag ka at nagsayaw in front of your wife nung honeymoon nio :D

Anonymous said...

Can I ask where di you end up buying your wife's scrubs and lab coat in Cebu? THanks