Thursday, March 31, 2011

Still a dream

A home is a place of residence or refugee, its the place wherein you can rest, sleep and store personal properties. A house is a home.

I already told you before that my ultimate dream is to have my own house. And to be able to accomplished that dream. I need to work hard, be inspired and be ready on every trials and problems that i might encounter.

Right now, I reside together with my wife in my parent's house. There are too many places there that needs to improve and renovate. The terrace, guest rooms, comfort rooms, garage and the most important part is the floor. I ask my parents if they want to use Tile Floor instead of marble, because i told them that the design of today's tiles are more attractive and elegant compare to marble or wood floors.

I also told them that our house already needed major renovation for us to feel more safe and secure.

I'm a dreamer, a fighter, a son, a husband, a lover and a simple staff on our company that still waiting for the decision of the higher management.


Analuz said...

Everybody wants a decent home anyway...whatever repair/renovations you need in your house will be realized...tiyaga and hard work should always be in mind.

Agus Salim said...

Terima kasih , semoga sukses selalu.