Saturday, September 11, 2010

Wedding preparation

Wedding preparation is not as easy as what you think. It involves time, effort, money and lot of sacrifices. Today, we experienced a totally strenuous happening just to accomplish as many things as possible that we might be needed in our very special day.

One of these preparations is to find an elegant but not that too expensive type of Photos and video packages. We set an appointment from different studios and it took them a lot of convincing powers just to encourage us that their set of packages is the finest among the others.

We also visit different reception venue that not too far in the Church and accessible to the guests. We also set an appointment to the care takers of clubhouse offices of different villages that we consider. But since we’re not yet dealing with them, they gave us business cards for realtors for us to contact them as easiest as possible when we already decided to get the slot available for the set date.

And now, we are schedule to go in the butterfly garden located in the nearest town for the reason that were planning to have a wedding souvenir that made of preserve butterfly which was laminated in an elegant frame made of wood.


PaoLotte said...

huwaw! ibang level ka na vistan! :) sabihan mo ako kung kelan pre nup nyo... makikigulo ako... :)

Anonymous said...

butterfly souvenirs are waaaay too cute! =) that is such a creative idea for a wedding souvenir.

will wait for the pics! =)