Saturday, September 11, 2010

Buying or renovating a house?

Everyone is dreaming to have a brand new house. But not every one of us can afford to have, in fact many of us doesn’t have their own house even an old model one. If you are an ordinary employee, it takes a lot of time, hard work and even luck to have enough money to avail a brand new house of your dream. Of course you will be also needing courage and prayers to fulfill it.

In my case, I live in my parent house since I was a kid. We had a small and old model type of house that need an immediate overhaul because it is already able to befall anytime soon. We will also needing different furniture and decorations for our house to make it more attractive and comfortable environment for us. That is why buying a brand new house is my ultimate dream.

I really want to have a western look like type of house that extremely suited on my personality. A western decor look.

But instead of buying a brand new house, I am also considering to renovate and re-decorate our old house. It is more convenient, practically wise and less consuming of time and effort.

What do you think? Should I buy or renovation is much convinient?


Traveliztera said...

it really depends... renovating is pricey too and in the end, you'll find that it's more expensive than buying a new house... matagal na rin house niyo dba? somehow may sentimental value pero kasi pag titignan mo, mas makaka-save ka pag bibili ka nalang new house... parang kotse lang yan e... mas mahal nagagastos mo para palitan ung mga piyesa na nagbebreakdown e mas okay na rin kung lahat nalang palitan at least lahat bago and hindi ung from time to time, kelangan icheck ulet ung car kc hindi nagcocomplement ung mga parts... syempre it depends pa rin syo but most of the time, mas mahal magrenovate =\

admin said...

the advantage of renovating a house is you just overhaul it and not necessarily to move and you were a lot more comfortable in the renovated house' vicinity. I agree to Traveliztera often times renovating cost much than buying your own new one. And another thing since you mentioned that it was your ancestral house(living there since you were a kid), will it be okay for your future wife to stay there, or don't you have any other sibling wanted to live there as well with their families? is the land title is under your name.. Those things to consider. It is good to renovate the house for your parents to live on but including your future on it think wisely it's up to you then :)..

PaoLotte said...

mag tripping ka na kasi... :) makaka kuha ka pa ng idea... :)

Gnetch said...

I agree, it depends. Our house is currently under re-modeling and it's such a pain in the ass. Not only is it noisy outside but the workers are strangers and I'm really not used to having other people in the house. But that's just me. I have no idea which is more expensive but really, I'm really trying to stop myself from punching the noisy people outside. LOL