Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Management is the key to Success

There are too many things we need to accomplish after the election was done. We need to manage everything, our life, people, countrymen and even adwords management will be critical.

Even though they did not won the Presidential Election, I think we should be proud of them for accepting the decision of their countrymen and congratulate the person who is responsible for the trust given by majority of the Filipino's. Here are some of inspiring words coming from the Presidential aspirants who already accepted their defeat to Liberal Party bet NoyNoy Aquino:

G1BO: I have served my country the best I could. I don't think anyone can ask more of me.“I did not fight for a political position for myself but for an idea. What can we do right for the country? Winning or losing is secondary. We fight for an idea—an idea of competence. Basic education reform, college graduate opportunities for every family, food security, genuine sustainable agrarian reform, localized peace processes, strong foreign relations, and several others," Although it’s not yet official, I think Senator Aquino is already the winner in the elections. I am so far happy with the results.

GORDON: "The people have spoken. I would like to congratulate Noynoy Aquino on his spectacular victory. I wish him well and I hope the country wins this time."

VILLAR: “It was a fight well fought. The people have spoken. It was clear that despite our efforts, we were not blessed with victory during last Monday’s elections. I come to you now to accept the people’s verdict,” “My dream to eradicate poverty does not end here and I intend to continue this, maybe in a different way.”

Brod Eddie: "Thanks to all Filipinos who stood up and voted for their leaders. That’s the power of elections","With the new President elected, Bangon Pilipinas will find ways to help in nation-building, especially in areas where we could pursue social reforms that would benefit the majority of the Filipino people."


Anonymous said...

wow kinompile mo talaga, abangan ko ung sasabihin ni jc, ni perlas, ni erap, ni cya at saka ni jajajamby. :)

Up Close said...

like your post.
keep up.
God bless!

OmniSevenStar said...

@Kuri: Sige pare.. Antay ka lang.. hehe.. btw, tnx sa comment :-)

@Up close: nice, Tnx po:-)

Sendo said...

idol ko talaga si Gibo! go gibo!