Wednesday, May 5, 2010

D' Finishers Outing

We Filipino's are very fortunate not only because of the good weather condition we have here but also because of so many beatiful places that instead of going to other country to do a vacation, our beloved coutry is truly enough for a wonderful vacation that you ever dream. Beaches, Caves that not yet explored, A virgin Forest that you can only seen in you imagination, Water Falls and some natural resources that even those scientifical studies can't explain how beautiful and fantastic it was.
Our group D'Finishers celebrating its 1st anniversary, instead of trecking in a mountain that we usually does, we decided to celebrate it in an island. Zambales provice is one of the best place if your talking about Island Hopping, there are too many famous island there like, Potipot, Capones, Kamera and ofcourse Anawangin. According to the latest survey, Anawangin is the 2nd most beatiful beaches in Luzon thats why our team decided to go there. From Manila, 5 hours of happy trip is enough, ride in a boat is already included. Here are some of our photos taken in Anawangin.
Since, some of us our working in office, we all be needing a PDF Viewer to view some of our files.


Anonymous said...

nice, may hubad pix din! :)

OmniSevenStar said...

naman.. Pamatay si Marvin pare... hehehe