Thursday, January 28, 2010

I got a feeling

I got a feeling.. hoooohhooooooo.. that this years gonna be a good year, that this years gonna be a good good yeeeeaaaaaar, hooooohooo...

Look at this stuffs, Is'nt it a good sign? LOL

*All of this item is not their original appearance except for the POLICE Wristwatch.

1. Camping Tent - Bought yesterday for only 500 Php to TATA's neighbor. I'm very lucky 'coz she gave me a very cheap price compare to its original price of 1,300 Php. Is'nt it cool..:-)

2. EGO Checkered Short- Finally, I have it... wheeeeeee.... You guys dont have any idea how much I really crave on this one.

3. SPYDER Shades- Both Jervy & I purchased this item with the same model though differ on the design. Twist: There's a comical story behind this. :-)

4. POLICE Wristwatch- A special gift from my girl. No further explanation needed.:-)

5. BENCH Jeans- Not fitted to my Father thats why he gave it to me. Not bad right? :-)


Anonymous said...

daming pera ah. pautang naman! :)

OmniSevenStar said...

Wehehehe... Yun lang... Pare, ang dami ko na vinisit na site.. :-)