Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Get Together

I've collected some memorable pix during our get together at the cabanas last Jan. 2, 2010. We had so much fun during our college days, and as expected, Our "Kulit factor" was still there, Nothing's change except for being super late of other's,LOL. but it's OK. it's part of our new life, It's part of being a responsible employee. We have different career path now, we're so busy in many different ways, thats why I am very thankful to our Almighty God 'coz He gave us a chance to experienced this wonderful affair.

---Sikoletlover love this photo, & I love it too. :-)---

---Not bad after 37 tries---

---Girl Power---

---Group Pix---

---Group Pix, we're almost complete---

---@Starbucks Select---

---Eto pa---

I'm already looking forward to Part II

Next time, we are planning to go overseas and hopefully we can stay at Family Holiday Parks UK to ensure our perfect vacation.


Anonymous said...

nice, lapit na mabreak ung old record mo sa number of post.keep it up parekoy! :)

OmniSevenStar said...

Thanks Parekoy