Thursday, November 4, 2010

Our Plan

Hi Guys,

just wanna share this quotes that we plan to include in our invitation.

Even a good love like ours has ups and downs,

Good days and bad days….. Yet we know beyond the doubt there’s no one else for us.

We know how happy our hearts that we are together.

We know we can see us in the future, still together, happier than ever, looking back on this phase of life, smiling at the memory. And we know that we are very proud of us.

We’ve got something that’s rare and beautiful.

It takes work sometimes, but it’s worth it.

I dreamed of a wedding of sophisticated classiness.
A church filled with F
amily and friends.
Then one time, I asked her what kind of a wedding she wished for?,
And she answers, one that would make me her husband.

Thank you for listening to me,

For understanding my dreams and personality,

Thank you for filling my life with music and loving me without end.

Thank you for granting my ultimate dream, to marry you and grow old with you.

Aw.. After our wedding, we will go to rustic furniture to buy some stuffs for our house. :)

1 comment:

f e R r y j H o i said...

ampucha!!! kilig ako don...jhakie!!
huhu... nakakaiyak naman yan!!

congrats!!! happy for you