Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Random Thoughts Ver. 2

I’ve been too busy these past few days due to many different activities, some of them were related to my work and the other’s are not. Last Friday, we went to Laguna together with my friend Chano to fetch her preggie wife Gina in their apartment, she was schedule to give birth any time soon. All of us are excited to see their angel. Weeeweeett.. Congratulations!!

Last Monday, I’ve been working for more than 24 hours because we encountered difficulties in some of our equipments and need to schedule the troubleshooting during maintenance window time, we started 11pm and we finish the troubleshooting at exactly 6am the day after. I felt toxic, exhausting and sleepy the whole day. Gosh..


Because of my hectic schedule, I almost forgot the 4th year anniversary of my 2nd life. Yes, I consider it as my 2nd life. Way back, last July 3, 2006, I’ve been involved in a Motorcycle accident together with my brother in law; I got numerous injuries in my entire body; shoulder strain, cut in my upper right eyebrow, multiple gashes in my both arms and broken nails on my feet to named a few. Though according to my parents, I’m still lucky because I survived on the accident, yes absolutely their right, because based on the data of Traffic Management Group and DoH, motorcycle accident has the highest fatality rate in the Philippines. Thats why we all need motor trade insurance and some Online Life Insurance.


To extend my gratitude to my blogger friends:

This day is very special to her ‘coz she now celebrated her 25th year of being beautiful. Happy Birthday Ferry Jhoi Villahermosa! I wish you more offer to come from the advertisers, good health, a wonderful love life, and a happy family. :-)

Belated happy birthday also to Ayie, thanks for including my masterpiece on your post. Lolz. :-)


Jhiegzh said...

How are you related with Ate Ferry?

MiDniGHt DriVer said...

we're friends jigz.. she's a close friend of mine in this blogosphere.

f e R r y j H o i said...

ehem am here ^.^ thanks for the greetings Jake dear... appreciate it soo much *wink wink*

@jhigz, nop :) we're not friends.. hwag kang maniwal dyan hahaha ^.^ am his adviser (sa kalokohan) hehehe thanks sa inyo - jhigs thanks for posting on my FB site huh!!!

Sendo said...

happy 2nd life birthday!!! hehe ^^

sikoletlover said...

apat na taon na pala ang nakakalipas. visible pa rin ba yung mga peklat?

tandaan palagi....ingat! ^_^

MiDniGHt DriVer said...

@Sendo: Maraming salamat sa iyo parekoi :-)

MiDniGHt DriVer said...

@Sikolet: Yep yepp di na ata mawawala yung malasinturon kong peklat sa braso.. haaaiiizzzttt.
SAlamat sa muling pagpapaalala.. :-)